Sunday, December 30, 2007

Leopard a Disappointment

Being somewhat curious about the new Leopard OS, I decided to install it onto my brand new iMac. The new desktop looked really cool. Then I opened Photoshop. I was very happy with the new mac and the speed my apps opened up in Tiger. But when I opened Photoshop in Leopard I was quickly disappointed. Compared to Tiger, Leopard is lethargic when opening up my Adobe CS3 apps. In addition to that, Photoshop began to give me error messages when I tried to open a file. After searching for some time on google I found several threads about Leopard and CS3 issues. Since I rely on my mac for work on a daily basis, I am not ready to troubleshoot these kind of issues, so I have reverted to Tiger which I will stick to until Apple and Adobe work this out.

Also, I thought that the new Time Machine backup/archival app in Leopard would be useful. Time Machine uses an external hard drive to back up your main hard drive. Unfortunately it needs to delete any files already on the external drive. I have two externals. One I use to save all my working files onto, a practice I began years ago when all I had was my wimpy G4 Titanium. I recently bought a second drive to back up the first, just in case.

While some people may find Time Machine worthwhile, if they save all of their files onto the internal hard drive, I don't think I benefit by doing so. First of all, I don't want to bog down my internal drive with millions of files. I would rather keep the drive only for my apps and necessary files. Keeping all that space also helps when you need it for video and large graphic Photoshop files which utilize it for a scratch disc.

So for now, I'm sticking with Tiger

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