Friday, October 17, 2008

Time Flys

Can't believe that it's October already. Time flies. Been very busy with Omni and Dang! Good Graphics projects. is coming along. Added buttons to the site for dig, facebook, etc. Updated the meta tags. Although the Alexa score is lagging, the Google page rank went up to 6. Woo! Hoo! Pat on the back for me!

The deer have been coming to the back yard for feed a lot lately. Their coats have turned darker, presumably for the upcoming winter cold. Last night there was two doe and a fawn. We had some fawn earlier in the summer but they've grown up. This one must be fairly young, considering her size

Cooper and Madison have been enjoying the cooler temperatures this past few weeks. They love it when we open the windows and they can sniff the outdoor smells. Their vet, Dr. G, said Cooper was a little overweight. Too much pellets and not enough hay, so he's gone on a diet for a little while.

The newest member of the family, Roxy, has grown so much since we got her. She's a little rocket, running through the house chasing Hobie and Harley. She get's spit at a lot when the other two don't want to play with her. She loves to watch things move around on the computer screen too. I have to tilt the laptop keyboard on end because she hits the keys and changes the desktop folder names. Brat!

Speaking of kittys, we went to the Columbia, SC Zoo last month while we waited to pick up the Nancys at the train station. It was over 90 degrees that day, unbearably hot, so we were quite happy that any of the animals were awake at all.

The zoo was having a special day where they gave the animals "toys" to engage them in play. These exotic birds were especially intrigued by this particular toy of rope and bright colored objects.

Nancy, Wendy's mother, and her friend Nancy, spent the next week at our house, relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet of our neighborhood. On their last day we took a short ride around the surrounding countryside, eventually stopping at a local attraction to take some pictures.


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