Sunday, September 03, 2006

American Dream

We have achieved the American Dream. We now own 2 houses, one in Florida and another in North Carolina. Of course, the american dream is not always what we wish for. Why? Because we can only afford to pay for 1 household. So someone better buy the Florida house really quick. But we're not worrried because we know someone will. Why wouldn't they. It is a wonderful house, kept in immaculate condition. Anyone would love to own that house.

It's just a shame that the housing market in South Florida has fallen to it's present state. I of course believe that the market's present position is largely due to the manipulations of the media and bolstered by the publics fear of hurricanes, rising costs of insurance, taxes and the indecision of the country's current chairman of the Fed to set a decisive course, prompting rising mortgage rates.

Should we be afraid of the uncertainty of the coming months. Yes! Absolutely! There is no certainty that someone will buy our house right away. But the house has been on the market now for 10 months. The current average time for a house to be on the market is now 9 months to a year, so we're right on target. So our buyer should be walking through our front door any day now.

In the meantime, we are packing and preparing to head to North Carolina in the next two weeks. There's no stopping us now! We have achieved the American Dream!