Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter is finally here

The weatherman has been telling us that the cold weather was coming. There have been a couple of cold days here and there since we moved here, but the temperature rarely dropped into the 20s or 30s for very long. Imagine our surprise when we opened the garage door and saw The Bee covered in little icicles! "Take a picture, quick!", Wendy said. She also said that it looked like some of the roofs had snow on them, but upon closer inspection it was just ice inbetween the roof tiles. Sure looks like snow though. We might have to take a drive into the mountains to see snow, although there has been very little up there as well.

This is the neighbos house

OK. So maybe it did snow, a little.

Bunny Love - RIP Coco

I had meant to post this earlier but time seemes to have passed so quickly. On December 23rd, two days before Christmas, Wendy and I walked into a local pet store and bought this cute little Netherland Dwarf rabbit. Of course it didn't take long before we were head over heels for the little fuzz ball. We made a nice little house for her and got her toys. She hopped around the house when we let her out of her cage, checking out every little nook and cranny she could. Considering her size, that didn't leave out too many places she couldn't get into. Even the cats seemed to like her once they sniffed her up and down. And she didn't seem to mind them either.

But by Wednesday night she seemed to be slowing down. We thought she was just getting use to her surroundings. By Thurday night I was really concerned, so on Friday morning we went searching for a rabbit vet. Of course, the local vets either didn't know much about rabbits or were not in the office. Wendy finally found an exotic vet in Kannapolis, about 45 minutes away from the house. When she called me from the vet she was crying her eyes out. The vet said Coco had a severe upper respiratory infection, possibly some parasites, and who knew what else. Because of her size the infection had spread quickly and her body was already 'shutting down'. Of course he would do what he could, so Wendy left her bunny at the vets. A couple hours later we got a call that Coco had passed away.

Needless to say, Wendy was devistated. She cried for two days. I felt terrible. If we had known she was sick we could have acted quicker and maybe she might have survived. Maybe not. Who can say.

Anyway, enough time has passed now and Wendy has been online looking at other bunnys. She has found two reputable breeders in Asheville and yesterday she agreed to purchase a Holland Lop Eared rabbit. She might also buy a Netherland Dwarf from another breeder.

If you had asked me a month ago if I wanted a rabbit I would have scowled and said, "Hell, No!" But in that short 5 days around Christmas something happened. Blame it on the holidays. Blame it on the Christmas spirit. Blame it on whatever. I don't care. Coco changed my mind. Bring on the bunnies!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome 2007

Happy New Year. Lots of new changes this year. First one, the arrival of my great-neice, Patience Jasmin. She arrived on December 28th. She and mommy Jennifer are doing well now, although Jen is still pretty tired.