Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Deer in our backyard

When we first moved here to North Carolina our neighbors kept telling us that they saw a lot of deer in the neighborhood. We kept looking for months but we never saw any deer around the house, which is strange because of the large area of trees behind us. Then, a couple months ago, Wendy woke me up early one morning. "There are deer in the wood", she yelled. Sure enough there were about four deer just inside the woodland.

Since then we have seen a couple more deer now and then. Last week I saw a doe and two fawns around 10pm. Then Wendy saw a couple feeding on the cucumbers she had thrown out into the woods. Of course, I never had the video camera ready when this happened. Finally, last week, Wendy said there were more deer outside. I grabbed the camera and got a few minutes of a young fawn eating the leaves just on the edge of the woods. What I didn't know was that the mother was out there too. Of course, being the nature lover she is, Wendy wanted to go out and see if she could feed them, but they got spooked and ran away. A few days later Wendy went out to pick some vegetables in her garden and didn't realize one of the deer was back there. And the deer was so engrossed in eating it didn't hear or see Wendy. As Wendy looked up from the garden the deer saw here and they both spooked each other. The deer yelled at Wendy and she screamed at the deer, which then went running into the woods. I wonder if it will ever come back?

Hungry Bunny

Our bunnies, Cooper and Madison, are always hungry. They usually eat bunny food pellets and Timothy hay. But bunnies also love to eat fresh vegetables also. Cooper especially loves to eat carrots. During the summer we managed to grow our first crop of carrots, which Madison seems to prefer over the grocery variety. She especially shies away from cold veggies. Anyway, the other night I decided to put their plate of veggies on the floor, rather than hand feeding them as I usually do. Wouldn't you know it. Cooper got right into the plate and ate all of the carrots. Check out the video from my YouTube page. Oh, there is no audio on this file.